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Post  Melissa McCall on Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:14 am

Steve and I traveled to The Netherlands for our anniversary in '08 without doing our research. We took some nice bottles of wine with us, but when we asked restaurants in Amsterdam about their corkage policies, they shrugged. Not only did they not have corkage policies, but the smaller places seemed unfamiliar with and offended by the very concept. With the help of a wonderful wine geek who worked at a wonderful wine shop near our hotel, we found a single restaurant with a corkage policy-- but the menu was not appealing.

Long story short, Amsterdam is not a great city to BYO.

When we visited Argentina and Uruguay a couple of months later, we never bothered to BYO because we could have any wine on almost any restaurant's list for under $30 USD. Great place to drink!

If you've visited any foreign countries recently, what were your experiences with BYO?
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